Your health and safety is our first priority going forward as we bring the game back.

For over 20 years, Canlan Ice Sports and the ASHL have been the leaders of adult recreational hockey, with a strong culture built on ethics, integrity, and best-in-class operations.

Since the day we closed our doors, we’ve worked with industry leaders in health, safety, and risk management, developing the playbook to safely re-open our locations and welcome back the ASHL.


A new format. Open Ice. More puck touches. Hockey, we’ve missed you.
Welcome to the ASHL Summer ’20 season.

The ice is opening up this summer with a new 4-on-4 format in the ASHL. More space results in less incidental contact, more puck touches, and more opportunities to make plays.

We’re tweaking the rules to create a free-flowing game without faceoffs, more space on the ice with a red-line offside, and additional measures to provide a safe and fun place to play.

Penalties will be served via penalty shots as we maintain physical distance off the ice at all times. We’re also taking a tougher stance against intentional contact and unnecessary roughness.


We want to provide the safest environment possible at Canlan, while providing the best customer experience.
Here’s how we’re doing it:

Check in at our designated lanes outside the facility 20 minutes prior your game.

Players will be required to observe physical distancing markers in the dressing room and on the bench.

A zone control attendant will ask you a few questions before directing you to the arena entrance.

We strongly recommend washing and sanitizing your hands as much as possible.

Directional signage located around the facility will also help indicate where to go next.

Personal masks are not required to be worn on-site, but are recommended for use.


We want to keep our communities safe while playing the game we all love.
As a result, we’ve temporarily reduced our facility amenities.

Water fountains will not be available for use at this time.

Showers will not be available at this time.

Washroom access will be reduced outside of dressing rooms.

There will be no restaurant access in the building.

We are a cash-free environment.

Canlan Sport Shops will be closed at this time.


Yeah, things are going to be a bit different, but we can’t wait to hit the ice again.

Use the link below to find your location, season details, and registration links. Oh, and remember that once the spots are gone — they’re gone!