Co-ed hockey embodies everything the ASHL is about: Good People, Good Times, and Good Memories. To create a top-notch experience for our players we even tweak the rules a bit for our co-ed divsions:

  • Goals: Forget about lighting the lamp all night. This division has rules in place about how many times a player can score in a game. Besides, isn’t passing the puck more fun anyways?
  • Battle of the Sexes: We’ve got rules in place to make sure the guys and the gals get the most out of every game
  • Fighting: Don’t even think about it. There’s zero tolerance for this
  • That’s not all, though. Your League Manager will inform your team about the full breadth of division-specific rules


Whether it’s your first time playing hockey or you’ve been playing it all your life, this is the place to play. With 15 locations across Canada and the USA, we’re continuing to build new co-ed divisions for those looking to play recreational and those who might have a little more of a competitive edge.