Whether you’re new to hockey or you’ve been playing all your life, the ASHL has a division for you. All of our locations offer either 18+ or 19+ Men’s Divisions, plus age-specific divisions. Wondering where you might fit in? Let’s take a look at how our division structure translates to your skill level.
  • A: If you played pro, major junior, or D1 hockey, you’re likely an ‘A’ player
  • B: Played some Jr. A, USports, or D3 hockey? You’re probably a ‘B’ player
  • C: Dabble in Jr. B or Jr. C? How about A, AA, or AAA? You’re likely a ‘C’ player
  • D: Did you play hockey growing up at all? If you did, you’ll slot in as a ‘D’ player
  • E: So you’re new to hockey? No worries! You’ll fit in as an ‘E’ player


No longer in your 20’s? No problem. Not only is the ASHL the largest rec hockey league in the world, we also offer the most age specific divisions. And for those of you still looking to play open divisions, don’t worry, every location has that for you.

You’re young enough to say that there’s still guys playing pro who are your age, but chasing around those 22-year-old guys isn’t cutting it for you anymore.

Don’t they say 40 is the new 20. Hmm, maybe not. Well whatever they say, the ASHL is pleased to offer 40+ divisions across multiple locations.

Are you 50+? In addition to being able to legally drink in every Canadian province and US state, you’re also eligible to play in one of our 50+ divisions!


Whether you’re a men’s rec hockey rookie or a 20-year veteran, this is the place to play. With 14 locations across Canada and the USA, join more than 65,000 players who call the ASHL home.