A new format. Open Ice. More puck touches. Hockey, we’ve missed you.
Welcome to the ASHL Summer ’20 season.

The ice is opening up this summer with a new 4-on-4 format in the ASHL. More space results in less incidental contact, more puck touches, and more opportunities to make plays.

We’re tweaking the rules to create more space in the offensive zone, a free flowing game without faceoffs, and additional measures to provide a safe and fun place to play.

As we return to play at Canlan Ice Sports, you may notice that things are going to be a little different. Stay tuned at for news and updates to get you ready for the season.


13-JUL 07-SEP 8 games
(No Playoffs)
20-20 run-time Max. 8 skaters
+ 1 goalie


▪ Men’s 18+ (B) | (C) | (D)
▪ Men’s 30+ (B/C)
▪ Coed 

*Divisions will be contingent on the number of teams registered.

▪ Maximum of eight (8) skaters and one (1) goaltender present at each game
▪ Additional players may be registered on the team roster

Game Structure:
▪ 50-minute ice-slot | 5-minute warm-up | Two (2) 20-minute run-time periods
▪ Minimum of one (1) game per week
▪ Players will be required to review rule changes prior to their first game, which will be distributed by the League Manager at each location

PRICE (+ tax)

Team Registrations: $1,399
Individual Registrations: $176

*Start and end dates are subject to change based on the guidance of government and health agencies that oversee the jurisdiction of the Canlan Ice Sports location.


We know, it’s been a while. Let’s try to save you a click and answer some questions about returning to the league.

We already registered for Summer 2020, do we need to register again?
Yes, please use Player’s Bench to re-register for a Summer 2020 4-on-4 division. If you previously made a payment (e.g. a Deposit) towards the Summer 2020 season, please bypass the payment section of the registration. Your League Manager will work with you to transfer the payment to the 4-on-4 season. In the event of any difference in the amount paid between an original Summer 2020 payment and the cost of the new 4-on-4 format, your team will be given the choice to retain the difference as a credit, or take a refund.

Why are we moving to 4-on-4?
Canlan Ice Sports and the ASHL are working hard to ensure that our participants are as safe as possible. By going to a 4-on-4 format with a limit of nine (9) participants per team, we’re able to ensure that physical distancing can be maintained in the dressing room, on the player’s bench — and by creating additional space on the ice — reduce the amount of incidental contact and puck scrums that would otherwise be part of the game.

Where can I find the new rules?
A full list of rule changes will be available online prior to the start of the season. These rule changes will cover in-game restart procedures for the game with no face-offs, how offside and icing will be handled, and more. Oh, we should also mention that penalties will now be served via a penalty shot. 

Can I register more than nine (9) players on my team?
Yes, teams are permitted to have more than nine (9) registered players, however at this time only eight (8) skaters and one (1) goaltender will be permitted to attend a specific game.

What’s changing at the rink?
All patrons and participants at Canlan Ice Sports locations will notice some changes when they come back to the rink. Controls will be in place to provide you with a specified path to the rink you’re playing on, and limit any opportunities to come into contact with another individual without proper physical distancing. With Zone Attendants and Health and Safety Ambassadors on-site, our goal is to provide as safe of an environment as we can.

Do I need to wear a mask while I play?
At this time, wearing a mask is not a requirement for participation. Players are recommended to wear a full shield if possible, however this is not mandatory.

Can we use Winter ’19/20 or Summer ’20 credits for the summer season?
Yes, team reps are welcome to use any credit that may be on file towards the Summer ’20 season.

What if we paid for the Summer ’20 season but no longer want to play?
If your team originally made a payment towards the Summer 2020 season (e.g. a Team Deposit) and no longer wish to play, your payment will automatically be held on-file as a credit until December 31st, 2021. Please contact us if you require further information regarding your credit balance.

What’s happening with the Winter ’20/21 season?
We expect to open up registration for the Winter ’20/21 season shortly, with season details available at Provided that we have appropriate approval within each jurisdiction we operate within, we hope to move back to a 5-on-5 format for the Winter season with the traditional set of ASHL rules governing play.

In order to ensure that our operations remain fluid and follow the guidance of government and health agencies, please note that operations, policies, and procedures are always subject to change.


Alright, you’ve got the details, now it’s time to secure your spot. Register your team with Player’s Bench using the link below, and remember — once the spots are gone, they’re gone!


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Canlan Ice Sports | Romeoville

1581 Normantown Rd., Romeoville, Ill. 60446
League Manager: Tom Hawkins 

Canlan Ice Sports – Romeoville is a three-pad facility located 45 minutes from Downtown Chicago in the suburb of Romeoville. Featuring industry leading sport development programs, special events, and more, the location’s ASHL league is one of the largest rec hockey leagues in the State.