Your safety is, has been, and will continue to be our top priority.
Let’s talk about how we’re planning to get back on the ice for Winter ’21.

◾ Start Date: We’re targeting February 1st as our start date, based on public health measures permitting gameplay to occur. If we’re unable to start as of the target date, we’ll adjust the target.
◾ Game Count: Our intention is to play an 18-game season, including playoffs.
◾ End Date: If our start date needs to be pushed back, know that our Winter ’21 season will go no later than May 20th. If we’re unable to fit in the 18 games by that date, team fees will be pro-rated.
◾ Deposits: Teams are permitted to use any on-file credits as their registration deposits for Winter ’21. 

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…and if you have additional questions, shoot Jason an e-mail. ✌

Your safety is our top priority and we’ve modified our rules and processes to prioritize your safety and play within provincial guidelines.

We’ve modified our 5-on-5 format to a free-flowing game with more space, reduced incidental contact, and new penalty thresholds.

You may notice things look a little different at the rink. From physical distancing to reduced amenities, we’re taking progressive action.



(+ tax)
01-Feb 18 games
incl. Playoffs
$4,950 $500



(+ tax)
01-Feb 18 games
incl. Playoffs
$4,050 $500



▪ Men’s 18+ (A) | (B) | (C) | (D) | (E)
▪ Women’s 18+ (A) | (B/C) | (D/E)
▪ Men’s 30+ (C) | (D)

Season Structure:
Rules: Players will be required to review modified rules (5-on-5 | 4-on-4) prior to your first game.
▪ Divisions: The number of teams in a cohort will fall in-line with current guidelines from the Province of Saskatchewan at time of play.
5-on-5 Rosters: Teams will be permitted to carry a maximum of 18 participants on a roster, however a maximum of 13 skaters and 1 goaltender will be permitted at a game.
4-on-4 Rosters: Teams will be permitted to carry a maximum of 15 participants on a roster, however a maximum of 11 skaters and 1 goaltender will be permitted at a game.


Team Payment Plan: $500 Deposit | $2,500 by first game | Remaining balance, TBD
5-on-5 Individual Registrations: $371 +GST

Please contact Jason with any additional questions.

*Start and end dates are subject to change based on the guidance of government and health agencies within the Province of Saskatchewan and its relevant Public Health Agencies. Registrants acknowledge and accept that, if necessary, the playing format and rules of gameplay for the Winter ’21 season may be subject to change at the behest of government and health agencies. Divisions will be formulated based on the number of registered teams in each skill level. In the event that the season is unable to begin, deposits will be fully refundable. Please visit the FAQ tab below for additional information regarding the Winter ’21 season in Saskatoon.


Let’s try to save you an e-mail and answer some questions about the ASHL this Fall.

What will modified 5-on-5 rules entail?
We’ve tweaked the game to provide additional distancing on the ice and ensure there’s less incidental contact. Click here to familiarize yourself with some of the changes. 

What is a cohort?
The Saskatchewan Provincial Government has released guidelines for sports that require players to be grouped into cohorts, with the recommendation that players limit the number of sport cohorts to which they belong to one (1). ASHL divisions will be set up in-line with the cohort maximums in place under the provincial guidelines. 

What’s changing at the rink?
All patrons and participants at Canlan Ice Sports locations will notice some changes when they come visit the rink, including reduced amenities. Controls will be in place to provide you with a specified path to the rink you’re playing on, and limit any opportunities to come into contact with another individual without proper physical distancing. With Zone Attendants and Health and Safety Ambassadors on-site, our goal is to provide as safe of an environment as we can.

Do I need to wear a mask while I play?
At this time, wearing a mask is not a requirement for participation, however players will be required to wear a personal mask at all times in the facility, aside from participating directly in an on-ice activity. 

Can we use credits towards league fees this season?
Yes, team reps are welcome to use any credit that may be on file towards the upcoming season.

What would cause the format or gameplay to change in season?
Participants acknowledge and accept that, if required by a Government or Public Health agency, changes to our format or rules will be considered in the event of a change in Provincial sport guidelines.

What happens if the season has to stop due to COVID-19?
Please contact Jason for additional information on COVID-19 stoppage scenarios for the upcoming season.

In order to ensure that our operations remain fluid and follow the guidance of government and health agencies, please note that operations, policies, and procedures are always subject to change.


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