SAWHA’s Board of Directors is made up of a group of volunteers who are responsible for:

  1. The calling and conducting of meetings
  2. Maintaining and distributing an accurate recording of the proceedings of all meetings of SAWHA or its executive
  3. Maintaining a central registry of authorized players, coaches and game reports
  4. Carrying out day-to-day business of SAWHA
  5. Proposing long range plans and programs for consideration and approval
  6. Appointing Chairmen of special and standing committees.



President Katie McGillivray Elgie
Vice President Alyshia Pretulac
Director, Finance Joanne Powell
Director, League Development Cheryl Setchell
Director, Referee Co-ordinator Mandy Runcie
Director, Scheduling and Officiating Debbie Burke
Director, Registration and Administration Kelly Mathews
Director, Discipline and Game Reports Susan Beirnes
Director, Communications Jillian Szoke