5-Dec: January Development Session & Chalk Talk

January 4th Jack Setter Arena
5:30 Chalk Talk (in dressing room)
6:00 Dress for Ice
6:15 Ice Time

January 12th  Seton YMCA
6:00 Chalk Talk (in dressing room)
6:30 Dress for Ice
6:45 Ice Time

These sessions will cover basic Theory & Positional Play including: Defensive Zone – Coverage & Breakouts, Neutral Zone – Regroups, Offensive Zone – attack triangle, cycling, and point shots with a screen & tip. Both sessions will cover the same concepts, however repetition is essential so players are encouraged to sign up for both to maximize development. This session will build upon the December session, however all players are welcome to attend. Players will receive a basic playbook they can reference and share with their teams. Chalk talk will cover theory and positional play and be an opportunity for players to ask questions before hand.

Cost: $25 per session

How To Register: Please email Cheryl at development.sawha@gmail.com to confirm your spot and to receive details about payment. Please include your tier, team and position you play in your email.

26-Nov: SAWHA Casino Sign-up

Where: Cash Casino Calgary: 4040 Blackfoot Trail SE
When: Monday, January 27 and Tuesday, January 28
There are multiple shifts each day, please take note of the one you signed up for.

Click this link to sign-up: https://signup.com/go/VzJTeuV

9- Aug: Registration instructions for team reps and players can be found: here.

Have a question about registration? Take a look at the FAQs or email registrar.sawha@gmail.com

SAWHA has created a message board to help teams and players communicate. The message board is meant to help:

– teams looking for new player(s)

– teams that want to post their tryout information

– teams looking for goalie subs

– new players looking for a team



The Southern Alberta Women’s Hockey Association (SAWHA) was established prior to the 1977-1978 season.  SAWHA is focused and committed to the development and growth of female hockey.
SAWHA has four main objectives:

  1. To enjoy the game of hockey and to keep the game at a fun, yet competitive level.
  2. To ensure all interested females, 18 years of age and older, have an equal opportunity to participate and wherever possible, provide competition at the individual players’ level of skill.
  3. To promote, encourage and increase the growth and awareness in female hockey in Alberta.
  4. To encourage and foster personal development and leadership qualities of individuals through their participation in female amateur hockey.


Over the last seven years almost $1.4 million has been spent on improving the functionality, safety, and access of the Arena. Almost a million dollars was raised through federal, provincial and municipal grants and donations. Fairview is one of the busiest arenas in Calgary and services a wide variety of users, including figure skaters, and hockey and ringette players of all ages.

On February 20, 2018, SAWHA was devastated by the collapse of the Fairview arena roof. SAWHA had put significant resources into making the arena a place where community can come together to enjoy exercise, develop their on-ice skills and make lasting memories. We are grateful that no one was hurt and the building was clear when the roof collapsed.

SAWHA’s success would not be without the organizational skills, drive and passion of our membership. Volunteers are a key strength of SAWHA as volunteers are required to fill Board positions, coach and manage teams, organize Casinos, Provincials, Western Shields, Socials, and Charity events and help with Fairview Community events like Spring clean-ups and playground equipment builds.

SAWHA also represents its members in the various organizing bodies such as Hockey Alberta, Calgary Sport Council and City of Calgary’s Ice User Task Force.

As of the 2018/19 season, SAWHA will have 55 teams in seven tiers with over 1,000 active members registered in the league.  This season will see SAWHA schedule over 1,000 games, playing in 22 arenas within the City of Calgary and in eight arenas within 150 km of Calgary.