With over 25,000 players playing in more than 200 registered affiliate leagues across Canada, in partnership with Hockey Canada, the ASHL’s affiliate league program is tailor-made to enhance your rec hockey league.

It’s also the only way to ensure your players are registered with Hockey Canada, the country’s most trusted name in hockey.

  • Industry-leading coverage: Play hockey knowing you’re protected by Hockey Canada’s supplementary sport accident insurance program. Oh, players also have access to AD&D coverage and for your league? We’ve got general liability insurance for you, too.
  • Stats and Schedules: Looking to take your league to the next level? We’ve got free stats & schedules and services to make it happen.
  • You’re in Control: Registered affiliate leagues are free to continue to use your own rules, your own referees, and more! We’re not here to run your league. We’re here to help make it that much better.

Our league has been registered with the ASHL Affiliate Program for the past 8 seasons and the access to the suite of services provided has helped our league continue to be the #1 place to play hockey in Regina.

Nicole Hedman-Chernick

League Manager, Co-operators Centre Hockey League


Suffer an injury while playing for a registered Affiliate League team? No worries, we’re here to help ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible

  1. Fill in the Injury Report Form: (EN) | (FR)
  2. If you have primary benefits, please include an explanation of benefits
  3. Complete the online injury report process